Zach Smith

Zach Smith is a Managing Partner with Agile HG, LLC, one of America’s leading internet marketing and small business consulting firms. As Director of Marketing and Product Management, Zach manages new product development, utilizes new technology, and forges strategic business partnerships with the clients Agile HG serve and consult. Zach is a serial entrepreneur. Managing companies as early as 14 years of age, Zach understands small businesses at a core level. Zach’s comprehensive experience in running and marketing successful online and offline businesses play a critical role in Agile HG’s success. Before teaming up with Agile HG, Zach was COO of Epic Profit Group, LLC. As a huge player in the foreign currency exchange and investments industry, Zach orchestrated a 1,000% growth for Epic Profit Group. He grew the company from $30,000 a year in gross profit to over $1 million dollars per year in just a 7 month time period. Under Zach’s leadership, Epic Profit Group received 3rd Place in 2011 at the prestigious Utah Student 25 competition. Out of all student-founded companies in Utah, Epic Profit Group was the third most successful and most profitable for 2011. Zach graduated Valedictorian in both Accounting and Business from The Goddard School of Business and Economics at Weber State University. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Accounting from WSU.