Smith Investments Holding Group, LLC

Smith Investments Holding Group (SIHG) originally started as private hard money lending company focusing specifically on lending for single-family homes. Many people cannot afford a 20% down payment for a new home. Because of that, they are then required to pay an additional fee, in order to qualify for a mortgage. This fee is called PMI, or Property Mortgage Insurance. Smith Investments Holding Group does not charge PMI, to those who qualify, and instead secures its investments with origination fees and higher interest rates, for shorter-term loans than traditional banks and other third-party lenders. Now, SIHG has morphed into becoming a private lender for construction loans, bridge loans, land loans, home loans, property “flip” loans, investment/second/third property loans, and small business inventory loans.

Clients love Smith Investments Holding Group for several reasons:

✔ Most of the time, we do not require 20% down and we do not charge PMI (Private Mortgage insurance that basically serves as a penalty for those who cannot put 20% or more down on a home). We have a simple qualification and approval process in place for background checks, home inspections, credit checks, income verification for debt to income ratio, etc.

✔ We are much faster than a bank at processing the necessary paperwork. I've had turnaround times as quick as 24 hours before! Generally, if all of your ducks are in a row and together we decide to do business, the process doesn't take much longer than 72 hours.

✔ Our rates might be very affordable to you (Particularly because you don't have to pay a 20% down payment) and you can then use that cash, if you have it, to improve your home, and potentially even flip it.

✔ We are much more affordable and more reasonable, rate-wise, than other traditional "hard money" lenders (And, we don't consider myself a hard money lender, for that matter).

✔ If you've already got a mortgage, and you don't earn enough income, and you want another home or an investment property, you're going to have a very tough time getting a loan from your bank. That's where we step in.